NZAV recently implemented an advanced audio-visual solution at the new Linwood Swimming Pool Complex, enhancing the visitor experience with cutting-edge technology.

The highlight is a Dante-based audio system, delivering high-quality sound via a network that withstands aquatic environments with moisture-resistant enclosures for control wall plates. The system boasts robust localised audio inputs with Bluetooth or analogue connectivity and wireless microphone control in each zone.

A customised control system is central to the solution, providing intuitive management of source selection and volume control for each zone. Staff can effortlessly tailor audio experiences across different areas—from serene reception music to vibrant poolside playlists—ensuring a unique ambience throughout the complex.

NZAV’s installation has transformed Linwood Swimming Pool Complex into a dynamic, immersive destination. Visitors enjoy personalised audio experiences, managed efficiently via a user-friendly control system.