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House Of Worship Audio Visual Solutions

House of worship audio visual has many elements to it with a wide range of services and options available. You can use led digital signage to show your upcoming events or charities you support, youth group events, you can install live streaming capabilities and video distributions systems, sound systems for bands and services, projectors and large displays. The limit is only bound by your imaginations.

NZAV realise these challenges and have been involved in the design and installation and have commissioned some of the highest quality and unique sound systems for numerous houses of worship both here in New Zealand and Australia.

House Of Worship Audio Visual Sales & Installation

Few sound systems have as many challenges as those installed in a modern house of worship. Contemporary worship services incorporate bands or large choirs, and have ambitions that rival corporate and theatrical productions. Expectations are high, yet the band, singers and crew are volunteers, and most buildings have inherent architectural and acoustic challenges. The technical department is consumed by training operators and limited budgets.

NZAV takes a balanced approach to house of worship audio visual sound system design. The average customer, when involved with a new build, generally gets to the end of their construction plan and discovers that the remaining finances will not cover the audio visual budget and so costs savings are required. This generally means compromises are made which result in an unsatisfactory result. This in turn results in more finances being required to rectify the problems.

We have several options to help with this situation that will allow the client to achieve the “recommended” system design whilst not having to source extra funding which will result in less finances being spent in the long run and with the added bonus that the congregation gets to experience the audio visual system that was intended from day one. We can even help advise you on your responsibilities around paying licensing fees such as APRA in situations where public broadcasting is required.

NZAV have installed many audio visual systems into a number of different houses of worship, so if you require anything specific for your church, mosque or youth facility or perhaps you are just looking for ideas, get in touch with our team and we would love to help out.

Get The Best Sound System For Your Church!

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Many churches have a projector or two, to display lyrics to a song or the ability to showcase a project via a slide show or maybe you want to show a video of the latest project the church has been involved in. None the less, we can install a projector system to suit your budget. NZAV can do anything from a single roof mounted system to a full blown projector edge blending system.

house of worship audio visual


A sound system is the core of a good service. If everyone can not hear the message, there is no point. Make sure you install a speaker system that is catered towards the space. Think of how you will be using the system. Is it just for the pastor? or will you have local bands from youth group performing? These are all the things you should think about before installing a sound system.

house of worship audio visual


Digital signage is a great solution in a church. You can use them for instructional messages (wedding reception, funerals ect), you can use them for church events and announcements, schedules for upcoming events or maybe have a large video wall in the foyer. You can do so many awesome things with digital signage inside a church. Come have a chat to one our team for more information

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