Home Theatre & Cinema Rooms

At NZAV, we specialise in creating home theatre rooms that deliver exceptional audio quality and provide an immersive cinematic experience. Our technicians are experts in designing and implementing tailored solutions for aged care facilities, boutique cinemas, and residential homes.

We understand that building a successful media room requires careful planning, design, and implementation. Going beyond basic installation, we focus on crucial details like room acoustics, ambient lighting, screen size, and speaker placement.

Our team is committed to optimising your theatre for peak performance, ensuring an unmatched audio experience. Our collaborative approach ensures every aspect of your theatre room design, including cinema audio and surround sound systems, is carefully considered. We listen to your ideas, requirements, and expectations, working closely with you to exceed your vision.

Utilising cutting-edge technologies such as Dolby ATMOS and the latest in cinema audio, sound, and video systems, we create a cinematic experience that surpasses expectations.

Our stress-free installation and setup services allow you to relax and enjoy your new cinema room from day one. We are proud to offer ongoing support, maintenance, and upgrades, ensuring your cinema room consistently delivers superior audio and visual experiences for years to come.

Large Cinema Rooms & Media Rooms

home theatre cinema rooms

Home Theatre & Surround Sound Systems

home theatre surround sound systems