Education Sector

Education sector is always changing and technology is always at the heart of progress. We now have music studio's with full midi suites, interactive whiteboards, digital signage and we are now starting to see the rise of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the education sector.

The biggest thing with schools and AV is that, it needs to be easy to use and reliable. You can have the coolest equipment in the world but, if nobody knows how to use it, it is pointless.

"IP Paging Systems is the best solution with the most flexability"

AV Solutions in Education

There are always go to technologies that go into a school and NZAV are always happy to help with any AV fit outs. Whether you need a new sound system for a school hall, upgrading projectors or you would like to change over to an IP Paging system, NZAV can help.



IP Paging systems is becoming very popular in many schools as it creates flexibility for the school. You can page specific classrooms, specific block or the whole school. You can also use this system for scheduled bell systems, alarms as well as the classroom speakers.
Inquire now if you want to change your system to an IP based system.



School Gyms and School Halls require a proper sound system. This is due to the fact that space plays a large role in how audio sounds to the listeners ears. If you have a large space with small speakers and they are only coming from one direction, it will sound like an echo and people in the back of the room will not hear be able to comprehend what is coming out of the speakers. Make sure to get a proper design done.



Digital signage is a great way for a school to communicate to students passively. You can promote upcoming events like sports days, school formals, charity events, exam timetables. This can all be updated online and scheduled so you can really take advantage of the displays. There are so many ways to use digital signage in a school that it would be a shame not to have them installed.

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