Conference System

In our fast-paced contemporary world, the landscape of communication and collaboration has undergone a profound transformation. Video conferencing has emerged as a pivotal instrument in this era of interconnectedness, facilitating seamless interactions and cooperation across global boundaries. As the trends of remote work, international partnerships, and the need for instant connectivity continue to surge, video conferencing has shifted from being a mere convenience to becoming an indispensable aspect of both our personal and professional lives.

Despite the numerous advantages that video conferencing offers, it also presents distinctive challenges when contrasted with traditional face-to-face meetings. One of the most significant drawbacks is the difficulty in establishing and nurturing relationships with colleagues or clients. The absence of physical interactions can impede the development of personal connections and rapport. Furthermore, participants in video meetings may find themselves less engaged compared to in-person interactions, often yielding to the temptation of multitasking or succumbing to email distractions.

Nonetheless, in this digital age, it is apparent that virtual meetings are here to stay. The encouraging news is that organizations are actively tackling these challenges by harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies.

HUDDLY CREW - AI Director At Your Disposal

Have you ever wondered why watching TV for hours feels fine, yet video meetings leave us feeling drained? This can largely be attributed to the somewhat uninspiring way video conferencing is typically conducted. Often, it involves a fixed camera shot or follows the speaker, which can be monotonous to watch and lacks engagement. But now, meet Huddly Crew, the world's pioneering AI-directed multi-camera system. Taking inspiration from the world of TV and movie production, it introduces immersive meeting experiences that significantly enhance engagement and collaboration.

Huddly Crew leverages three 6K sensor cameras and its patented AI, "Huddly Director," to deliver real-time editing akin to television productions. It not only seamlessly switches between speakers but also employs AI to capture reactions and various angles, ensuring an inclusive and dynamic experience.

This groundbreaking technology opens up a whole new realm of conferencing possibilities. No longer are you confined to sitting around a table. You can now host meetings in a relaxed seating environment, whether on couches or multiple tables, creating an atmosphere akin to a talk show. The result is a more captivating meeting that will leave your clients and partners thoroughly impressed.

Audio Is So Important In Conference Solutions

Many conference solutions on the market today utilize all-in-one systems from well-known brands like Logitech, Yealink, or Poly. While these systems excel in small to medium-sized rooms, they encounter difficulties when used in larger spaces. This limitation arises from their microphones' inability to effectively capture voices from a distance.

This is precisely where ceiling microphones come into play. Ceiling mics represent a significant upgrade from the all-in-one systems, offering enhanced coverage. However, they too come with specific challenges. While they provide a broader range, issues like dead spots persist. Additionally, when a speaker is situated far away, these microphones tend to capture more ambient room noise, resulting in a hollow and echoing sound quality.

Nureva introduces an innovative technology known as "Microphone Mist," which effectively saturates the room with virtual microphones. This remarkable technology offers the ability to customise your conference room in a truly unique way. You can experiment with various room layouts, even have individuals moving around, all while maintaining consistent audio quality for the speaker. Remarkably, you can even have someone speaking towards a window or a wall, and the speaker's voice remains crystal clear and audible.

Nureva's Microphone Soundbar is undeniably remarkable. To truly grasp its capabilities, you need to experience it firsthand, as it lives up to its advertised claims in an astonishing way.


At NZAV, we offer top-notch conference room solutions designed to enhance engagement and create a more immersive meeting environment. Whether you're dealing with varying room sizes or budget constraints, we have tailored solutions that perfectly align with your requirements. Reach out to our team today for a discussion.