Audio Visual Ceiling Microphones

Ceiling tile microphones are useful in a variety of settings, such as conference rooms, lecture halls, and large event spaces. They are designed to be mounted on the ceiling and capture audio from a wide area, providing clear sound quality for all participants in the room. Here are some of the reasons why ceiling tile microphones are useful:

  1. Improved Audio Quality: Ceiling tile microphones are designed to capture audio from a wide area, so everyone in the room can be heard clearly. They also reduce the background noise, ensuring that the audio quality is high.
  2. Unobtrusive Design: Ceiling tile microphones are mounted on the ceiling and are almost invisible, which makes them a popular choice for conference rooms and other spaces where aesthetics are important.
  3. Easy Installation: Ceiling tile microphones can be easily installed during the construction or renovation of a space, reducing the need for additional cabling and hardware.
  4. Better Acoustics: Ceiling tile microphones help improve the acoustics of a room by evenly distributing sound and reducing echo and reverberation.
  5. Convenient Operation: Ceiling tile microphones can be operated remotely, which makes them a convenient option for large event spaces and lecture halls.

In summary, ceiling tile microphones are useful because they provide improved audio quality, have an unobtrusive design, are easy to install, help improve acoustics, and are convenient to operate.


audio visual ceiling microphones sennheiser

With a coverage of up to 80 m², there's still no better solution for larger meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces than our industry-leading TeamConnect Ceiling 2 ceiling microphone. With its functional square form the TCC 2 gracefully integrates into the design of modern meeting rooms – simply by replacing a ceiling tile.
Like the TeamConnect Ceiling Medium, the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is a real problem-solver that allows cable free tables and flexible furniture arrangement, while offering all of the TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions benefits like Trusted Sennheiser Audio Quality, efficient setup, brand agnostic integration, simple management and control, a sleek design and a sustainable impact.


  • Patented automatic dynamic beamforming
  • TruVoicelift
  • 28 Electret condenser capsules, made in Germany
  • Perfect speech intelligibility
  • Dante or Analog Output
  • PoE
  • Certified for: MS Teams, Zoom, DingTalk and Tencent
  • Exclusion Zones
  • Priority Zone
  • Camera Control via talker position data
  • IEEE 802.1x


audio visual ceiling microphones shure MX910

he Shure MX910 is a fully adjustable and versatile Microflex® Multi-Element Boundary microphone designed for use in conference rooms, boardrooms, and other spaces where speech needs to be captured from a wide area. The microphone features a low profile, unobtrusive design that blends seamlessly into the décor of any room.

he microphone also features CommShield® technology, which provides immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and other electronic devices. This ensures that the microphone will continue to deliver clear, reliable audio even in the presence of interference.


  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 17 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -34.0 dBV/Pa (19.9 mV)
  • Equivalent Self-Noise: 21 dB(A)
  • Maximum SPL: 119.2 dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 73 dB at 94 dB SPL
  • Dynamic Range: 98.2 dB
  • Output Impedance: EIA Rated at 150 ohms (170 ohms actual)
  • Switch: Programmable on/off switch, bi-color status indicator LED
  • Material: Die-cast zinc base and matte black finish


Integrating a ceiling microphone into your boardroom can modernise the audio setup and bring several benefits to your meetings and presentations. Here are some of the ways a ceiling microphone can modernise your boardroom:

  1. Improved Audio Quality: A ceiling microphone captures audio from a wider area, ensuring that all participants are heard clearly. It also reduces background noise and improves the overall audio quality, resulting in a better experience for everyone in the room.
  2. Streamlined Setup: With a ceiling microphone, there are no messy cables or bulky microphones on the table, which can clutter the boardroom and distract from the presentation. A ceiling microphone provides a clean and modern look to the boardroom.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: A ceiling microphone can improve collaboration during meetings by allowing all participants to be heard clearly. This helps to avoid misunderstandings or miscommunications, ensuring that everyone can fully participate and contribute to the discussion.
  4. Increased Efficiency: A ceiling microphone can help meetings and presentations run more efficiently by reducing the need for manual adjustments or troubleshooting. This frees up time and energy for more productive discussion and collaboration.
  5. Improved Aesthetics: Ceiling microphones are designed to blend in seamlessly with the ceiling, providing a professional and unobtrusive look to the boardroom. This helps to create a modern and sophisticated ambiance that can impress clients and visitors.

In summary, integrating a ceiling microphone into your boardroom can modernise the audio setup, improve the audio quality, enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and improve the aesthetics. All these benefits can lead to more productive and successful meetings and presentations.