aged care audio visual

Aged Care Audio Visual Solutions

Audio-visual solutions for aged care facilities incorporate a variety of devices to enhance residents' quality of life. These facilities are often large and require robust, commercial-grade products and installations.

As we age, our hearing and vision may diminish. Therefore, we specialise in installing specific devices to improve residents' daily experiences. This includes hearing assistance systems and LED digital signage to help residents stay informed. Additionally, we enhance their recreational experiences with audio systems for activities and cinema rooms.

Proper Audio Visual Technologies Can Make Life Easier

aged care audio visual


A hearing loop, also known as an audio induction loop, is a specialised audio system designed for individuals with hearing aids. It consists of an audio source such as the TV audio or a music player, an amplifier to process the signal, and a phased array loop installed either in the concrete slab or on top of the concrete slab under the carpet of a designated area. The recipient simply activates the “T” switch on their hearing aid to hear the audio from the inductive field that the hearing loop generates, thus hearing the audio that is being transmitted.

aged care audio visual


Digital signage plays a pivotal role in retirement villages by providing residents with information about upcoming events, medication reminders, and premises maps. Its versatility allows for scheduling tailored to your vision and marketing needs.

aged care audio visual


In aged care facilities, an IP paging system is essential for contacting staff, calling residents, and making announcements. Its flexibility includes zone creation and easy adjustment of paging requirements, with the additional capability to function as an alarm system. 

aged care audio visual


Certain areas within facilities benefit from background music, which can alleviate stress and anxiety among residents. NZAV offers intuitive control systems that empower caregivers with user-friendly operation, and guidance on licensing fees such as APRA if necessary.

aged care audio visual


A popular amenity in retirement communities, cinema rooms provide residents with a cinema-like experience without the hassle of leaving the building. Residents can select movies that evoke meaningful memories, enhancing their enjoyment and relaxation. 

aged care audio visual


Studies show that dancing is therapeutic for residents, boosting mood and enhancing their immune responses. Proper sound systems are essential for creating this environment, which differs significantly from standard background music setups. Contact us for more information. 




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